Beth Comstock, Vice Chair, General Electric (GE)


“I learned valuable lessons watching Mark navigate the changing media landscape at NBC.  Mark took on the charge to extend NBC Everywhere  from airports to supermarkets to taxis.  Yes, it’s Mark you can thank (or curse) when you get to catch up on the local weather or Fallon skits from the back of a taxi.  Everywhere Mark went he saw visions of NBC and it became NBC Everywhere, the company’s first effort to take on out of home viewing.  Mark wasn’t well funded.  He didn’t have a big team.  But he had vision and passion and determination.  He knew he could make NBC Everywhere a reality.  And he did.  In companies, sometimes people confuse entrepreneurism with having a big budget or the freedom to do whatever they want a certain percent of the time.  Mark faced constraints and contrarians at every turn, and instead of giving up, he became energized.  He made things happen; that’s what good entrepreneurs do.  And they exist everywhere.  I was happy to learn that lesson from Mark.”


Dwyane Wade, 3-Time NBA Champion, Court Grip™ Co-Founder


“I enjoyed working closely with Mark to develop Court Grip, a real game changer and revolutionary product that solves a major problem for athletes.  I respect his vision, creativity and passion to push the envelope in everything he does and change the mindset of what’s possible.”


Kevin Connors, ESPN Sports Center Anchor


“As a SportsCenter anchor, I’m blown away at how endemic Court Grip has become in both the NBA and NCAA. The product is a fixture on the scorer’s table at every televised game, and that stems directly from Mark’s entrepreneurial vision and personal relationship building.  I’ve personally had NBA superstars tell me how Court Grip has changed their game — and that Mark is THE reason why they use the product. If that’s not an endorsement, I don’t know what is!”


Bruce Kallner, SVP Strategic Sales & Marketing at NBC Universal


When Mark started NBC Everywhere, it wasn’t NBC Everywhere, it was NBC in 1 Taxi…  To see how quickly and strategically he built a national network was inspiring and has driven so much value to our advertising partners.  When Mark hosted the NBC Everywhere Upfront Presentation in our SNL Studios, he had the advertising community’s rapt attention and their eagerness to work with us in the OOH space.  When he left to start Court Grip, I knew he once again found white-space and would do something incredible.  I knew his idea had strong merit but I’ve marveled at how big it has become. His presence of mind to land a hugely popular athlete like Dwayne Wade was the key driver which allowed him to bring the product to market in such a short amount of time. Mark is an absolute star!”


Dr. Delonia Cooley, Co-Chair, American Marketing Association Conference

“Mark French was simply put … AMA-zing!  He spoke to over 1500+ collegiate Marketing students at the 40th  American Marketing Association International Collegiate Conference and he was able to share with them disruptive thinking and innovation.  He shared the most important story that he could with them, and that is no matter how hard it is, because it will be hard, just don’t quit.  His finesse, charisma, and all out passion for what he does gave the students a blueprint on how they should attack their futures. This was exactly what the students needed to show them a roadmap to success. He extended the opportunity of internships and he spent well over 1 hour after the conference speaking individually with the 100+ students offering insight and nuggets of inspiration, as well as, planting the seed of persistence to follow their desires. Mark was outstanding!“


Ty Lifeset, Executive Creative Director/Partner at We Are Envoy

Many are familiar with Mark’s business and entrepreneurial acumen, however Mark also masterfully excels in the creative process – from ideation to development, he is excellent at communicating and generating a distinct creative vision. I have collaborated with many directors, writers and producers … but Mark, bar none, brings the strongest work ethic, most thorough approach and continually is the most creative person in the room.”


Rocco Impreveduto, Executive Director, Marketing at Kaplan Test Prep

“Mark’s always been an exceptionally disciplined, focused, and dynamic leader.  It was for that reason, coupled with his entrepreneurial spirit, that I wanted him to speak to my organization.  His diligent approach to product development, all-go-no-quit attitude, and the resounding success they’ve spawned served not only as an inspiration – but a blueprint for how to look to the future and move forward.”


John Lynch, Senior Director, Global Account Management, Hilton Worldwide

I’ve had the pleasure of working professionally with Mark French over the last nine years and I cannot recall a more professional, authentic, inspiring speaker than Mark.  I first met Mark through a senior leader at GE when Mark was the General Manager of NBC’s new digital media platform, “NBC Everywhere”.  Over the course of several years Hilton Worldwide went from a media buyer through 3rd party ad agencies to a strategic partner of NBC Universal because of Mark.  Hilton Worldwide became a premier partner within the NBC Everywhere platform and this came about through Mark French’s continued passion and willingness to communicate and present NBC Everywhere’s unique value to Hilton Worldwide’s senior leadership across the country.  Mark has a great ability to connect with his audience and articulate value as it relates to the key business goals and objectives.    Even as Mark moved into new industries outside of media, I’ve witnessed first-hand his incredible success due to his creativity, extremely diverse and vast professional relationships, and his strong sense of strategic partnerships.  This can truly be attributed to his superior communication skills and his tireless work ethic.


Dan Seiden, Director of Development, Avon Old Farms School


“Mark French has a compelling story to tell. As the keynote speaker at our inaugural Entrepreneurship Summit, Mark captivated the audience of more than 400 teenage boys. His inspirational message made such a profound impact that students rushed the stage to greet him after the event. When you listen to Mark you instantly know that he is that rare mix of pure charisma and authenticity. Our esteemed school has been fortunate to welcome a number of celebrated guests to speak: musical icons, famous authors, politicians, celebrities, and professional athletes. Having heard them all for nearly a decade I can honestly say that none of them resonated with the students quite like Mark French did.”


Tom Basilo, Partner at WithunmSmith+Brown,PC & Graduate Professor at Seton Hall University


“Mark French presented to my Graduate school at Seton Hall University.  His presentation was inspiring and my students were mesmerized. Mark clearly engaged my students and answered all their many questions.  His story about getting his start and following his dream despite the risks (Mark was already a successful business person at NBC), truly resonated with my group as many of my students currently hold full-time positions.  He proved to them that with passion, perseverance and a commitment to succeed, you too can realize your dreams. One student sent me a note that said, “I just wanted to thank you for giving the class the opportunity to hear Mr. French speak last night. That was unbelievable!”  I think that sums up Mark’s impact.” 


Jason H. Harrison, CEO of


“Mark French was our keynote speaker at the 3rd Annual Business of the Game Conference in Detroit, Michigan, and he was inspiring, knowledgeable and informative. Our 150 person audience gained incredible insight into the Sports Business Industry from Mr. French and we are hopeful he can join us annually.”


Simeon K. Sessley, Innovation Leader – FastWorks NPI, General Electric (GE)


“Mark actually has a unique combination of exhibiting four key qualities of a leader: passion, vision, dedication, and sound judgment. In addition, when you engage with Mark you instantly recognize that you are in the presence of a winner and someone who is committed to seeing you win as well. This was extremely obvious on 2 occasions when Mark spoke to groups of 50+ leaders at GE and how he challenged them to reinvigorated their winning drive in various markets using the four qualities of passion, vision, dedication and sound judgment. So while I highly recommend Mark, I would advise that if you (or your teams) are not displaying the qualities he exhibits then you probably will soon after engaging with Mark – So I look forward to working with Mark going forward.”.

David Oestreicher, Co-Founder & Managing Director,vManhattan Sports Business Academy


Mark is a rare talent and he’s made a major impact on our carefully curated group of college students. His storytelling is purposeful, engaging and relatable. His approach is uniquely genuine and he leverages this delivery as a powerful vehicle to hammer home important messages. I have no doubt our students will carry Mark’s invaluable insights with them along their respective professional development journeys. So many from our top class claimed Mark as their favorite speaker, separating himself from a blue-chip lineup, during the MSBA summer immersion program.”

Pat Capra, President, Lunar Sports Group


Mark French was a featured speaker at the Sports Business Academy at Yogi Berra Museum & Learning Center presented by Lunar Sports Group in August of 2016. Mark delivered a highly compelling presentation that provided unique insight into what it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur. His talk was equal parts education and inspiration. He effectively outlined the challenges he’s faced in business and provided the solutions found to overcome them. While Mark has had numerous success stories, he’s quick to credit others and is a clear team builder. He is a dynamic speaker who has a lot to offer and I’d highly recommend Mark to anyone looking to align with, or learn from a strong business mind.