Maximizing Mark’s media experience and relationships, he executive produces and directs MISSION Athletecare’s national
and regional commercials, viral videos and has spearheaded some of the brands most high profile PR activations.
Mark’s commercials have aired during the NBA Finals, The NBA Playoffs, as well as on ESPN, TNT, etc.


D Wade Court Grip Commercial “Still think I lost a step?”

Court Grip Anthem Commercial

D Wade: Court Grip Makes Me Better

Brandon Jennings joins the Grip Revolution

Coach Bill Self, Court Grip = Court Confidence

Mike Conley, Everyone is Gripping in the League

Dwyane Wade, The Only Real Grip Solution

The Science and Technology of Court Grip

Legendary Coach Jim Boeheim

The NOC:  Dwight Howard, Save The Centers

NBA Trainers: Court Grip has Changed the Game

Court Grip Focus Group

Dwyane Wade’s 1st Time Grippin’

Dwight Howard:  Grippin’ in the Post

Carmelo Anthony Power Grip Commercial

Carmelo Anthony “No Mess, All Grip”

Carmelo Anthony “2 Drops, Ready To Rock”

Mission Athletecare Brand Spot

EnduraCool Commercial

EnduraCool HSN Testimonials

Dwight Howard Explains Science of EnduraCool

Reggie Bush and Mia Hamm:  Cleat Grip

ESPN: Playing with vs. without Court Grip

NBC Everywhere

NBC iVillage Live